Monday, 31 March 2008

Volunteer Appreciation

Wow - its almost that time of year again....the time of year that Volunteer Coordinators and Managers know will be B-U-S-Y! Its April......National Volunteer Week and all that goes along with it is right around the corner.

With over 200 volunteers putting in over 6500 hours towards the Galt in 2007, celebrating them and showing them how much we appreciate them, truly is impossible. However, we do our best to show them that they are important and crucial to our operations.

Over the years I have tried to offer our volunteers many opportunities and thank-yous.......we give our volunteers "museum moolah" which looks like monopoly money that they can use in our museum store.......we do a lot of social things such as a dragonboat team that competes in July; we just bowled in the Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser (and may I brag and say that it was a Galt volunteer who won top score for the night!)......we offer informal recognition with thank yous and other everyday demonstrations of appreciation....and we offer the formal thank yous such as a National Volunteer Week event. We also nominate volunteers for awards all the time - in fact, most years we end up having a major award winner in the local youth volunteer awards handed out (the Leaders of Tomorrow awards).

With the face of volunteerism changing to one of a more episodic nature, we have many more volunteers contributing to the museum - some donate only a few hours/year, some we only see for a few months every few years! We have volunteers from all parts of society too - we have English as a Second Language volunteers; people from 12-80 years of age; volunteers with differing abilities; and volunteers from many ethnic backgrounds.

Its definitely an interesting job being a volunteer coordinator......and a very busy one right now, knowing that with so many different people, I cannot meet everyone's needs.....but this is the month where I try - I try to show the appreciation of all of the staff at the Galt Museum, and all of the public who visit the Galt, and let our volunteers know how important they are to us - every single one of them!

~Let me know if you'd like to come to our volunteer/staff party on April 16 - RSVP by APril 10 to 320-4219). Hopefully no one thinks they haven't done enough to come to this - its open to ALL past and present volunteers and staff......

~and if you want to volunteer at the Galt - check out for our current opportunities

~ and if you have any suggestions for volunteer opportunities - please post them here! We're always excited about new possibilities and things that interest you, to help us achieve our goals of preserving and sharing our history and stories!


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Did that really happen?

I have been working on a presentation on myths and legends of Lethbridge area. You would be surprised at the number of untrue beliefs and stories that surround the history of this area. One thing I have found as I have talked about it with people is that I keep getting more myths added to my list (it absolutely amazes me what strange beliefs there are out there). If you have any questions about things you have heard about Lethbridge history that you were wondering if they were true, send them on to us at the Galt. We'll see if we can track down the real answers.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Community feedback

At the Galt Museum & Archives we value the opinions of our audiences, and provide exhibits to intrigue and engage new and returning visitors. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of potential exhibits for 2010-12 and are seeking community input to guide final decision-making.

Click on the SurveyMonkey button to go to our Community Exhibit Feedback survey where you will be asked to rank potential exhibitions in order of preference... we hope you will take the time to participate! The survey closes March 16.


Saturday, 1 March 2008

Saturday in the Snow

Its lunchtime on Saturday.....we are expecting our large, regular group of families who attend our Saturdays at 1 program, soon.

I was very excited to come to work today and see on my desk a large box filled with 300 Cadbury eggs, donated by Cadbury Adams! I had requested, only a week ago, a donation for our annual Eggstravaganza event, and hadn't heard anything back so it was a wonderful surprise, but also a demonstration to me of business' support for the museum & archives and the work we do!

So the finishing touches are underway for Eggstravaganza! I hope to have a few hundred smiling and excited faces here on that day (March 22, between 10 am -2 pm). We have lots of great crafts and activities - Easter related (700 eggs donated by Burnbrae Farms, hardboiled by a great group of Galt volunteers) and medieval related (due to our current medieval exhibit). From 12-1 pm we will have lizards and other reptiles in the museum, along with a presentation to learn more about these animals - the dragons of today.

It should be a lot of fun, and I do expect the Easter Bunny will make an appearance to hand out all those donated Cadbury eggs for me!

I really do want to say how much we appreciate the businesses and organizations that donate to our events - for this one not only did Cadbury Adams and Burnbrae Farms contribute, but also Lethbridge Centre; Canadian Parents For French; Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Museum (no feet casting this year though - that will be back in 2009!) and Save On Foods!

And especially a big thanks to the volunteers for hardboiling 700 eggs and helping with the crafts and activities! We can always use a few extra hands so if you're interested, let me know - 320-4219 or .

Hope to see you on March 22nd - say hi and tell me you read about the event on this blog and maybe we'll have an extra Cadbury egg for you, the adult (can't just give them to the kids :) ).