Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Japanese Canadians | Broder Canning Company

Workers weighing packaged peas at the Broder's Canning Company, July 24, 1953. Courtesy Galt Museum Archives. P19752501029.

We recently received the following inquiry by email:

Would you be able to advise me where I can access information regarding the farms in southern Alberta where Japanese families were assigned to between 1942-1950?
Does the Galt Museum have the archives of the Broder (?) Canning Company for the years between 1942-1950?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Sincerely yours,

Our Archivist, Greg Ellis, provided the following response:

Unfortunately, the Galt Archives do not have the records of which farms Japanese Canadian evacuees were sent to. Since the relocation was carried out by the federal government, there may be information at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa that would be of help to you. Click on this link to their holdings regarding the Japanese Canadian relocation. An inquiry to them might also produce some results.

With respect to the Broder Canning Company, while the Galt Archives have quite a few photographs of the company’s operations, we do not have the firm’s business records. An inquiry to the Glenbow Archives in Calgary might turn up something, but I am not optimistic.

The Galt’s photographs are accessible through our on-line database at www.galtmuseum.com. Just click on the word ‘Archives’ at the homepage and follow the links to the database. Type the word ‘Broder’ in the ‘Description’ field, and you should be able to review everything we have about the Broder Canning Company.

If you find anything you would like a copy of, that can be done as well. Just use the online ‘Request Form’ to contact us.

Do you have a subject of southwestern Alberta history you have questions about? You can post it here, or send an email to info@galtmuseum.com.


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