Friday, 12 February 2010

Treasures & Curiosities Sneak Peek

Our new exhibit Treasures & Curiosities is opening on Saturday February 20th with a free-admission community day. The exhibit celebrates some of the thousands of artifacts in our collections at the museum. Staff and other community members were invited to work with a volunteer in the collections area to select an artifact. Many people chose artifacts with a personal meaning or connection, and many of these artifacts have fabulous stories that you are going to enjoy in the exhibit.

During Community Day on February 20th we`ll have programs all day including screening the three episodes of Antiques Roadshow that were filmed in Lethbridge; old-fashioned games for children; and a fair of treasures from our regional museums network. The ribbon cutting for the exhibit will be at 11am.

One of the regional museums, the Old Jail and Museum in Granum, is bringing this item to Community Day among other things:
When you explore the Treasures & Curiosities exhibit you`ll find things that are both interesting to look at that have fascinating stories. Here are some of my personal favorites from my sneak peek at the exhibit set up yesterday.

This is a calf weaner. Note that it recycles (upcycles?) nails: This hat is from the prisoner of war camp here in town:

I remember the Tale of Cock Robin from when I was young:

This is a piece of a hangman`s rope: There are many more fabulous finds in this exhibit - come check it out soon!

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