Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Zombies .... and the museum

(Image courtesy of Gin Fedotov, of 2 Galt Museum volunteers at the Lethbridge Zombie Walk 2009 - Robin Foreman and Gin Fedotov)

Every year in Lethbridge, in the spring, we have our annual Zombie Walk. I know this occurs in a lot of cities and well, it is one of the things that so many people that I know are excited about and spend a great deal of time and money preparing for, and I don't get. In fact, it was one of the activities that made me start to realize that I am aging....because I really don't get it, but I wonder if maybe I am looking too deep and there isn't anything to get, that it is just about dressing up for fun and for nothing else?!

Lethbridge Zombie Walk 2009 - Robin Foreman, Chrissy Foreman and Gin Fedotov are all Galt Museum volunteers. Image courtesy of Gin Fedotov

The Zombie Walk in Lethbridge has grown quite quickly. It attracts teenagers and young adults, typically. The make up and costuming is just phenomenal. And these individuals walk from Galt Gardens, in our downtown core, to another location in downtown. I am sure that much attention is attracted by this group, when there are people in the downtown area, but often our downtown is fairly quiet so I am not sure that many people in Lethbridge really even know this exists or have witnessed it.

Lethbridge Zombie Walk 2009 in Galt Gardens - image courtesy of Gin Fedotov

I want to understand, I really really this year for Halloween, I decided to run the very fun and always sold out Rocky Horror Picture Show again for one of our museum events, but I also decided to have 2 movie marathon nights in the nights leading up to it with one being a screening of all the Exorcist movies and the other being a night of zombie movies (and yes, I have the rights to screen all of them, for those who have followed my initial Rocky Horror saga....).

So I am hoping, in October, that I will be able to spend a night watching zombie movies, with fans of all things zombie, and that something about it will rub off on me. Then, in 2011, you may just see me out there in the Zombie Walk in Lethbridge, just cuz I can say I finally "get it" (and maybe even if I don't!)

(PS For those who want more information, the Lethbridge Zombie Walk has it's own group on Facebook called: "Zombies of Lethbridge")

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  1. Sounds like fun! I might still have a bottle of black nail polish kicking around somewhere... :-)


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