Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Day in the Life of the Galt

I have been wanting for the last while to do a blog about A Day in the Life of the Galt -- a way to show some of the very many jobs and happenings that go on during a typical day at the Galt. Today, Michelle Hood, who is working with our school programs for the next few months, went around the museum capturing staff and volunteers at various jobs and activities. Not all staff or departments are represented here. I may save a few of those photographs for another day....

A grade 2 student on a tour for the Then and Now program in the hands-on part of the program.

Kevin, Collections Manager, interviewing a potential donor.

Jim, who can usually be found scanning photographs in the Archives, heading off for lunch.

Tom, a volunteer, working down in the Collections area.

Lara, front desk attendant, getting one of our meeting rooms ready for its next function.

Members of the Galt Museum & Archives board at their monthly meeting.

Barb, an Archives volunteer, cataloguing donations and working on library integration.

Staff and volunteers enjoying the morning coffee break in the beautiful viewing gallery.

Lara, front desk attendant, organizing items at the front desk.

Brian, custodian extraordinaire, getting the Galt ready for its long day (but taking time out to get his picture taken).

Grade 5 students, on a tour to learn about immigration to southern Alberta, mesmerized by the black bear in the exhibit.

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