Friday, 3 June 2011

Feeling Trivial

As I was feeling "trivial" today I thought I'd share a few Lethbridge and Canadian events that occurred on June 3.

Montreal team introduces the sport of lacrosse to Britain

the first Canadian Pacific train beyond Montreal arrives in Saint John, marking the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway as a coast to coast railway.

Conservatives name Brigadier General Stewart as their candidate for July 28th federal election

Lethbridge has 1000 unemployed; the jobless are drifting into town

Dr. Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, is knighted by King George V.

1,000 unemployed men board freight cars in Vancouver to begin the On to Ottawa protest trek; would end in the Regina Riot

dust storm rolls over the south; reaches Lethbridge at sundown

US President Eisenhower bounces a message off the moon to Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker.

number of Lethbridge voters may pass 18,000

Official opening of Toronto's SkyDome, a $500 million domed stadium; 50,000 baseball fans soaked by rain when retractable roof opens.

Queen Elizabeth unveils war memorial in Green Park (London, England) to honour Canadians who fought and died in both world wars.

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