Friday, 9 December 2011

Old-Fashioned Toys and Games to Enjoy

Looking for some ideas for what to do over Christmas break? During classes and tours, I often mention old-fashioned games and toys that kids could make at home or that kids from the past enjoyed. So I thought I would provide instructions and information for families to even better enjoy the upcoming holiday break.

Yarn Dolls
During our Christmas program at this time of year, we make a version of the small yarn dolls (or action figures). But I know many kids would like to try their hand at making the larger, more traditional version. The link below is one of the best ones I've found on the internet for instructions for yarn dolls:

Fox and Geese
Fox and Geese is a fun outside game that makes use of snow. It is an active game of tag where half the fun is making the pathways in the snow. While the link I've provided below shows a nice organized playing area, I don't ever remember playing on anything that neatly set out. Just be certain players know they're not allowed to make their own pathways when the fox gets near.

Kick the Can
Back through Lethbridge and southern Alberta history, Kick the Can was one of the favourite games played. You will need a large area that provides a lot of places to hide.


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