Friday, 15 February 2013

Family Fun and Family History

Hope everyone has a fabulous Family Day long weekend.

Thought we would share some photographs of families and family fun from bygone days. And remind you that we're having Family History Day on Family Day (Monday, February 18) from 1 pm to 5 pm. Hope to see lots of you there.

James Dodge family shortly after arriving in Lethbridge in front of the train station. 1913. Galt Archives 19841022000

At the entrance to the Little Wonder Coal Mine, 1908-1923. Galt Archives 19881042016

Waterskiing on Henderson Lake, 1958. Galt Archives 19753500044

Fishing and canoeing on Henderson Lake, 1970. Galt Archives 19760219018

The skating rink at Lions Playground, 1951. Galt Archives 19851047006

Centennial Band Concert at Nicholas Sheran Park, 1985. Galt Archives 199310641340

Charles Magrath family, 1904. Galt Archives 19841008003.

Three unidentified young boys during the Great Depression, 1930s. Galt Archives 19752990123

Two unidentified children playing with a wagon, 1930s. Galt Archives 19752902006

Takeyasu Family, 1943. Galt Archives 19790284003

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