Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy 100th Galbraith School

 Galbraith School is 100. The school is hosting an open house on Friday, February 8 from 1 pm to 3 pm with displays, live music and tours of the building. Open to the public. Reminisce, learn the history of the school and more.

In honour of the Centennial, here's a few pictures from Galbraith's past, starting with one of Dr. Galbraith, the school's namesake. Hope to see lots of people at the event.

Dr. Walter Stuart Galbraith on the steps of the Galt Hospital. Galt Archives 19760225003

Galbraith School, 1914. Galt Archives 19730033000
Galbraith School Football Team, 1924. Galt Archives 19754357000

Galbraith Staff, 1946. From let to right:  Ethel Hawthorne, Bessie McCully, Marjorie Brown, Alice Gate, Clarence Larson (Principal), Mabel Luco, Marjorie Horn, Erla Sanderson (nee Keays) Galt Archives 19941011010

Galbraith Home and School Association in the 1950 Parade. Galt Archives 19752303016.

Ethel E. Hawthorne's Grade 2 class photo, 1952. Photo includes:  Irene Bryce, Janie Buchan, Fay Brandle, George Hunter, Dan Service, Harold Wong, Dorothy Gooder, Richard Prestwich, Ki Yip, Marion Cooper, Anthony Afaganis, Barbara Short, Donna Dudley, Gail Fremstad (names not in order of photo)

Presentation from Mrs. Matilda Galbraith of the silver trowel used to set the cornerstone of Galbraith School to Jim Clark at the Galbraith 50th Anniversary celebrations. Galt Archives 19752314255.

50th Anniversary Ceremonies with Matilda Galbraith, Jean Galbraith, Jessie Watson and George Watson. Galt Archives 19871034035.
Assembly at Galbraith School during anniversary celebrations. Galt Archives 19752314252.

Group of teachers and students posed at the Galbraith 50th Anniversary  Celebrations. Galt Archives 19752314261

Group of teachers holding a photograph of a football team at the Galbraith 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Galt Archives 19752314262

Galbraith School Staff 1968-1969. Galt Archives 20021003001.

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